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Roskilde Fjord setup

Roskilde Fjord is located on Zealand, Denmark and is via a narrow channel connected to the southern part of Kattagat through the northern part of Isefjord. The surface area is 125 km2 and the mean depth is 3 meters.

The computational mesh consists of 1876 squares and triangles. The model has 6 layers and a total of 6875 computational cells. The cell area range between 26392 and 159451 m2 corresponding to a spatial resolution of 160 to 400 meters.

On the open boundary to the North West, the model is forced with surface height and a 1d profile of velocity, temperature and salinity. The atmospheric forcings are timeseries of wind speed and direction and atmospheric temperature. There are 7 fresh water sources in the domain. The hydrostatic solution has a timestep of 3 minutes with a subcycling of advection-diffusion scheme of 2 yielding an AD timestep of 1.5 minutes.

Computational mesh