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Computational mesh, bathymetry validation stations (red) and freash water sources (green)

Limfjorden is a sound connected to the North Sea (33-34 PSU) in the west and to Kattegat (20-25 PSU) in the east. Significant fresh water sources contributes to modify the salinity - in Hjarbæk fjord all the way down to zero PSU. The total area of Limfjorden is 1500 km2 and the mean depth 4.8 m. The hydrostatic hydrodynamic model setup has 6686 elements, 13 layers and a total of 44456 computational cells. The spatial resolution varies between 142 and 1770 meters and the model is forced on open boundaries by surface height, velocities, temperature and salinity from the HBM model. 2D meteorological forcings of wind speed and temperature affects the surface and 39 fresh water sources contributes fresh water to the model. The model has been run for 2010.

Lagragian particle tracing
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