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Horsens 3D

This setup is a Nonhydrostatic 3D hydrodynamic model fully coupled with pelagic and bentic ecological model and a dynamic energy budget model for mussel growth for Horsens fjord and the area between Samsø and fynen. The computational mesh consist of 3497 element with a horisontal resolution variying from 350 m in the inner Horsens Fjord to 1 km near the open boundaries (Tunø, Storebælt and Lillebælt). The model has 11 vartial Z-layers, increasing in thickness from 1 m near the surface to 10 m at the bottom. At the open boundaries, the hydrodynamic model is forced with water level, currents, temperature and salinity downloaded from the CMEMS database. At the surface a heat budget model is forced with wind speed, cloud cover, dewpoint temperature and precipitation provided by the Department of Atmospheric Environment, AU. Fresh water sources obtained from the Danish QNP model was agregated into 11 point sources (green dots). Temperature and salinity data from the Danish National Monitoring program was used for validataion (red dots).