FlexSemFlexSemAarhus University department of Ecoscience

Horsens Lite

HDLite FlexSem model combined with a full pelagic ecological model and a 1 layer sediment model has been set up, kalibrated and validated for Horsens fjord. The model has been implemented on a box type computational mesh with 6 boxes and on the higher resolution mesh seen to the right. In the high resolution model, the deep channel is represented by squares and the rest of the fjord is triangulated. Both setups has been run with 5 vertical layers.


In order to evaluate the residence time in fjord an artificial tracer was added to the source water. The tracer was set to 1 for 24 hours in different seasons. The results show a pronounced seasonal tracer retention signal, with tracer concentrations peaking at the open boundary 1-9 days after release, depending on the season. The figure below is an animation of the tracer release in February.